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After entering the jewelry industry for so many years, many people who buy jewelry will feel that “this one usually has no chance to wear”, “that one can only be worn out on a certain occasion”, “this one is a little embarrassing to wear out”… https://www.cheapfinejewelry.com.


I personally think that women often wear jewelry to show their attitude towards life, which is a kind of pleasing to themselves, rather than deliberately dressing up to cope with a certain environment or to please someone.


Think about it, what are the so-called important occasions for wearing jewelry, at a wedding? At a large event? At a certain 10th anniversary classmate meeting? No, we should learn to wear jewelry daily, every day, every day, is the real “important occasion”, because these seemingly ordinary days determine our true quality of life.


Many people say that jewellery is not just a necessity, it is dispensable for women. But is it true? If one day you turn jewellery into a just-needed item in your life, just like the clothes you want to wear when you go out, and which pair of shoes you need to match, then at this time, what level of life will our life become? Woolen cloth?


This is related to money, but it is not entirely determined by money. I have repeatedly emphasized that when choosing jewelry, you must do what you can. A smart woman will reasonably use the resources at hand to decorate herself without letting herself be constrained by a piece of jewelry. If the budget is limited, choosing some small boutique jewelry that suits you can still add color to yourself.


It is said that women are tolerant of themselves, but I do not agree with this statement. I think that women should do their best to please themselves and dress for themselves. This is what we should and the most worth doing.


Imagine if one day, even if we did not go to those “important occasions”, we can still wear light makeup and heavy makeup, wear our favorite jewelry, show our self-confidence and vitality, what we will be at this moment Experience and perception.

The attitude towards ourselves often determines the quality and quality of our lives.