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Dependent in Laguna, California jewelry designer Nan Fusco personifies the picturesque beach city together with her jewelry. Her 18k and 22k gold chains are all distinctively handmade, adorned with cherished gemstones. At the outset glance, a single could obtain a typical jewelry assortment produced up of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. If you search closely having said that, you might cheap necklacescome across a highly convertible line, where just one necklace can work as numerous different seems! I like that about Nan Fusco’s line. Check out out my preferred necklaces from her selection beneath, and see the possibilities. Nan’s complete line can also be enjoyment to admire, and you will achieve this by clicking here.

This necklace is often worn two ways-a Y-shape necklace or worn typically as found on Lo Bosworth. Done in 18k yellow gold, handmade chain, that has a golden South Sea pearl and multi-colored sapphires. Price tag: $3100

Enjoy the way this necklace features a huge loop for just a closure-which permits it to drape fashion jewelry wholesalesuperbly all around the neck. Eco-friendly sapphires and Australian South Sea pearls dangle to type a tassel, while using the chain performed in 18k yellow gold. Value: $2800