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Donning Paige Novick’s Diamonds That has a Story collaboration parts

Wearing Sandy Leong’s Diamonds Having a Tale collaboration items, impressed as “sound waves in metal”

Donning Paige Novick’s Diamonds By using a Tale collaboration items, impressed by traceable curves

Diamonds. Did the thing is much more this yr at Couture or much less than several years prior to now? Would you truly feel as though designers are using diamonds progressively more in designs or turning to other coloured gemstones? I established out this yr to strike the bottom operating and response all those actual inquiries, carrying out my own analysis. Diamonds are and perhaps will endlessly be the number fashion jewellery onlineone providing gemstone. But with all of the fuss over conflict-free, “recycled,” eco-conscious and several other other fashionable names individuals are placing on responsibly mined diamonds, has that started to change the appreciate and allure for diamonds?!

For me, I’ll often love diamonds-probably far more than every other gemstone. Nearly all of my private selection is manufactured up of diamonds. I’ll by no means, ever purchase or have an interest in artificial diamonds (frankly, I would like they’d stop producing them) and that goes for other imitations like moissanite. The rarity and allure of owning an actual diamond, whether it’s ethically mined or an antique diamond, considerably outweighs another need for another.

Sporting Jade Trau’s wrap rings which have been turning out to be iconic to her line

Polly Wales has created Numerous new, amazing parts utilizing diamonds. Her signature model proceeds to generally be a favorite and oh so special.

Sporting Kavant & Sharart Types who are both encouraged by Art Deco and Avant Garde styles

Now, a diamond’s journey can be tricky. That’s why programs like Diamonds Having a Tale have recently been made to ensure a diamond’s origins and its sustainability. Diamonds Having a Story came about in partnership with Rio Tinto, as they partnered using a few designers employing the ethically sourced diamonds. The capsule collections were made utilizing ethically sourced white and natural color diamonds from Austrailia’s Argyle Mine. This year’s designer participants attending the Couture Show include Paige Novick, Suzanne Kalan, Sandy Leong and Matthew Campbell Laurenza. The pieces developed using these diamonds from the Argyle Mines are innovative and extremely wearable. It was neat to see how the designers interpreted the stones differently with their personal design aesthetic and contrasting against their collections.

Other study has been done on Millennials and their response to diamonds. This age group, best place to buy engagement ringwhich I am a part of, includes those who were born within the early 1980s and up through the 90s…some even including people born during the beginning of 2000. Most recently, the Diamond Producers Association revealed its newest campaign targeting this age group after extensive investigation on their views of diamonds. The campaign takes the idea of “Real is Rare” and hopes to build connections with this and diamonds. The Diamond Producers Association states, “The platform emerges from deep insight work with the millennial audience revealing that while diamonds do have appeal for this generation, relevance and emotional engagement can be heightened via new concepts…The opportunity exists for diamonds to represent the rare, precious and real connections that millennials crave. “Real is Rare” redefines diamonds for the 21st century, giving them new meaning as a symbol to celebrate the true connections we choose to make.”

I’m excited for these new platforms that are emerging and promoting the like for diamonds. I think it starts with learning to appreciate such rarity, and to know where and how diamonds are produced. Jewelry designers can easily foster the enchantment of diamonds, as I saw at Couture this yr. Innovative types and creations that make your jaw drop are just the start of generating such want.

Below are some of the best examples of artists and designers working with diamonds in the most innovative and alluring ways:

Donning Eva Fehren’s rings which use diamonds to create some incredible geometric looks. Many larger, central diamonds are specially cut in their have geometric shape, further producing a one of a kind, one-of-a-kind ring.

The display at TAP by Todd Pownell-truly should be known as a diamond artist, along with jewelry designer. I don’t think I’ve ever been far more in awe of the way diamonds are set/aligned/patterned/strung. It’s insane.

Donning Lana Jewelry who recently added black diamonds to their line up

Donning Suzanne Kalan, another game changer from the industry, making use of baguette cut diamonds within the most innovative way

I loved seeing and experiencing diamonds at Couture. Being aware of seeing which designers used them, talking with stores and buyers at the show and getting their opinion on diamonds within the marketplace has been really informative. I know diamonds are here to stay and it really is up to us to continue to keep it this way.

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