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New York City has a whole different feel to it, and you experience it as soon as you get off the plane, walk down the streets, and see the flashing hustle and bustle. My laid back vibe and newfound southern charm quickly fade, and as soon as I step out of my Uber car (no taxis please), I can feel the confidence and excitement radiating off the skyscrapers. I was so ready to begin a fun night on Wednesday, as Doyle & Doyle and myself unveiled THE VAULT’s 2nd edition, “Sentimental Rings: From Birth to Death and In-between.”

The topic of rings was a no-brainer for me-if you know me, you know that rings are my passion, my obsession…basically, my LIFE. Sentimental rings always have either a story behind them or a mystery. I love that. And bringing these pieces together into one curation was incredible. I am extremely thankful and gracious for each and every person who came to the event to show your support and it meant more than I realized it would! Getting the opportunity to work alongside the Doyle sisters was a once in a lifetime moment, a true highlight of my career. Both Elizabeth and Pamela are such huge role models for me and have set such a precedent in the antique jewelry world. It was an honor to be a part of this! Deanne and Teresa of Avant Collective-thank you as well, you two are so fun! And the staff at Doyle & Doyle are awesome! Such a fun-spirited place to be!

I will leave you with my opening thoughts from the catalog that accompanies the exhibit. Make sure if you are in the NYC area, to stop by and check it out-runs from October 9th through November 9th, 2014.

Collecting rings has become my passion, which should be better known as my crazy obsession. From the bold geometric and diamond dazzlers of the Art Deco period, to the poetic poesy rings of the early devotional times, and everything in between! And I mean everything-right now I’m on a 1960s/70s kick, searching out and coveting the biggest and strangest designs I can find!

Something so small has got me hooked and I am now seeking out my next big find! The thrill of the hunt has me awake at 5am and logged onto a live auction thousands of miles away, planning trips across the country, scouring online, all while constantly trading the latest inside scoop with some of the best antique dealers out there. My most recent jaunt had me flying across the Atlantic and meeting up with a fellow antique ring collector who I hadn’t met in person before. We planned an entire trip based on treasure hunting in London, England and I never had so much fun in my life! Our visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum, an entire day at Portobello Road, and a trip to the famous Grays Antique Centre had me inspired in a whole new way. I grew a penchant for Victorian Era jewelry and a deep connection with sentimental rings.

This newfound love has led me to choose it as the topic best engagement ringsof my first ever museum curation on behalf of Doyle & Doyle. There are many types of rings that can be considered sentimental, whether it be an austere memento mori ring with skulls and crossbones, or a wedding ring once worn by your grandmother, which has now been passed down. Or how about a late 1800s ring with a child’s tooth set among solid gold. Yes, teeth, hair, portraits, enamel work, secret engravings…these all make up the obscure and compelling details of sentimental jewelry. It is a category I like to revere as most important, because I feel everyone should own a piece of jewelry that has some sort of sentimental meaning behind it.

We hope you enjoy this selection of sentimental rings both from Doyle & Doyle and my very own personal collection. Each piece represents a type within this matching rings for best friendscategory, all of which are highly collectible and rare in their own right, with a history both deep and sometimes unknown.

* What I wore: earrings by Nora Kogan14k yellow gold large Ankh earrings, rings all my own antique/vintage pieces, Spider brooch in 14k yellow gold with a Tahitian pearl body by Nicole Landaw Jewelry