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The Doyle & Doyle Preview Party was so much fun! To read more about the event itself, click here. With so many details, things to remember, on top of traveling, it was important to pull together a flawless jewelry look for the event beforehand, which included lots of planning! As far as an outfit-that part didn’t come together as easily for me as the jewelry! I knew right away what jewelry I wanted to wear.

Nicole best engagement ringsLandaw is best known for her eclecticpieces, most of which are perfect for everyday wear. Her 14k gold and pearl spiders are quite different. Each are individually hand-formed in unique sizes, with custom configurations and color combinations! I knew right away I wanted a large spider in 14k yellow gold, with a grey Tahitian pearl body to wear to the event, as my pi-e de r’sistance. Styling the spider was tricky-you had to get the right balance of cool/chic vs. creepy/weird. I noticed anything black automatically made the whole look have a Halloween vibe, and I did not want to look like I was wearing a witch costume! I settled on a red lace top (which used to be a dress) paired with black lacquered skinny pants. A few people at the party commented how the lace was quite fitting, as it resembled a spider web-the perfect backdrop for my spider friend.

Nora Kogan has been a favorite jewelry designer of mine since I first laid eyes on her lovely enameled snake rings. When she posted pictures of her latest pieces from her new Death on the Nile collection, I couldn’t have been more obsessed. I wanted a pair of her large Ankh earrings in 14k yellow gold for the event! Luckily Nora is the nicest/coolest person ever, and immediately got to work on a custom pair for me, and they arrived just in time! What’s even more special is she attended the event and I got to finally meet her in person!

With the main event unveiling some very important Sentimental Rings co-curated by myself and the Doyle sisters, I knew my ring game had to be superb. I basically wore my three biggest/boldest antique rings, mixed with some gold antique baby rings, and of course my engagement ring. It was so much fun for people who came to the event and who have seen/read about these rings to actually get to see them in person! I enjoyed talking about my rings-both on display at the event and on my fingers-as well as checking out what everyone else was wearing. That was my kind of party!

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