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Everyone’s enthusiasm for summer months is at an all time high but let us not forget about we nonetheless have virtually an entire month of spring remaining! Dupuis Auctioneers features a fully-packed Critical Jewels Sale for spring and i have obtained all the facts. First and foremost, the sale has in excess of 400 many remarkable jewelry, which include signed pieces, antique items and watches. There are even a few loose gemstones inside the blend plus some jaw-dropping engagement rings that could make anybody say “yes” instantly. The sale day is ready for June tenth, 2018, so make sure you search my top picks beneath, likewise as their on-line catalog with the comprehensive rundown. Should you see things which spark desire, be sure you sign-up to bid. I will be bidding from your home by way of the online bidding solution and that i hope to go head-to-head along with you!

Dupuis Significant Spring Sale >> June tenth, 2018

Lot 17: Antique and vintage moonstone jewelry is becoming harder and harder to come by. This necklace and earrings set is not only impeccable but it is brimming with the most gorgeous moonstones, all well-matched and giving off some magical vibes. The necklace is composed of 23 moonstones and is articulated in every one of the right places, making it as comfortable as it is stunning. The matching earrings were believed to have been created later and make a nice pairing with the necklace. Estimate: 1,560-2,340

Lot 32: An Art Deco Era sapphire and diamond ring that catches heads wanting a second look! This ring is set with a 13.11 carat sapphire of Ceylon origin, which comes with a AGL certificate. The mounting is platinum and set with diamonds. Clearly a winning piece! Estimate: $17,160-23,four hundred

Lot 171: Any gemstone that is kite-shaped is automatically cool to me! This pendant features an opal that is kite-shaped, something I haven’t seen before. The bottom of the pendant has a diamond briolette which is a gorgeous touch, at the same time as the diamonds that frame the opal. I would love to own this piece. Estimate: $3,120-4,680

Lot 190: These earrings stopped me in my tracks – I can’t imagine what they would do in fine jewelryreal life! Such a unique combination of emeralds, diamonds, hematite and mother of pearl. I’ve never seen those gemstones paired together. These are done in 18k yellow gold and exquisite in every sense of the word! Estimate: 1,560-2,028

Lot 201: If you’re looking to wear one of the hottest trends right now in jewelry but want a vintage piece instead of something new, look no further than this rainbow gemstone bracelet! Big, bold gemstones are meticulously spaced out to form a line of color around your wrist. Each gemstone is unique: two citrine, two yellow sapphires, an aquamarine, a blue sapphire, and Padparadscha sapphire, an orangey-pink sapphire, a madeira citrine and a smokey quartz. Estimate: $18,720-21,840

Lot 218.02: In case you needed MORE color, I have also picked this truly remarkable multi-colored sapphire necklace as one of my prime picks. You can find 52 sapphires in this piece, all of them either blue, pink, purple or yellow. Could you have guessed they all total approximately 100 carats?! This necklace measures 16 1/4 inches, so it will hug closely around most necks. Estimate: $6,240-9,360

Lot 218.03: I’m always fascinated by emeralds and this emerald and diamond ring is my favorite from this sale. The emerald is a typical emerald cut in shape, but what is not typical is the size – it weighs 5 carats! I love the accent diamonds and the tapered baguettes make for an elegant style for this piece. The ring is all established in platinum likewise. Estimate: $3,120-4,680

Lot 222: A more modern piece than my usual taste, however I love the elongated style of the necklace, the ombre effect of the gemstones’ color and the pattern of the piece itself. The juxtaposition of the different colors of the earrings vs. the necklace also make the piece special, done with multi-colored sapphires in 18k and 14k white gold. Estimate: 1,872-2,340

Lot 231: You can find so many elements that come together to make this ring a masterpiece! I love the blackened steel, the claw-prongs, the simple solitaire design and of course that extraordinary sapphire! It is 6.87 carats and Ceylon in origin, which comes with an AGL certificate. Estimate: $15,600-18,720

Lot 232: You might say I have a thing for sapphires after seeing all my best picks – this antique brooch also had to be included. Circa 1890 and established with sapphires and diamonds, the wreath and laurel motif is both elegant and bold. The brooch is done in 18k and silver, with above 13 carats of sapphires and ready to be pinned to your blazer or dress. Estimate: $2,340-3,120

Lot 238: I’ve been coveting an Art Deco diamond bracelet lately after trying so many on, I can’t help but want to pile several on and wear them everyday. This one is a stunner, with its wide measurements and oval links are very unique. The bracelet contains a geometric feel to it, as you can see from the oval links and rectangular plaques. The diamonds total approximately 14 carats, all established in platinum, by Walser Wald. Estimate: $3,900-5,460

Lot 414: As grand as you can get! This diamond fringe collar necklace by Graff is up for bid and is out of best jewelry storesthis world. Graduating pear-shaped diamonds and round diamonds make up the entirety of the piece, which measures 15 5/8 inches. Elegance with every diamond, the largest being approximately 2 carats, for a grand total of 40 carats. Comes with original box and several GIA reports. Estimate: $140,400-171,600

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