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Have not appeared at eBay in awhile! I think it really is simply because I’m nevertheless mad at their alterations, primarily the superior charges of seller’s fees. My dad had me record his Girard-Perregaux wristwatch, and it cost $45 just to listing it! And it did not even market! Anyways, I believe I have located a whole new seller to add to my favorites listing, beverlyhillsantiques.com They’ve got some really very antique adhere pins and bar pins. Right here can be a couple adhere pins which might be ending this 7 days. A couple of stuff you could do having a stick pin: adhere it within an updo within cheap jewelry onlineyour hair, just take it to a jeweler and remove the adhere and generate a pendant out of it, or secure your stylish scarf by using a gorgeous platinum & diamond adhere pin!

This stick pin is decked out in platinum and 18k gold. The sapphires, diamonds and filigree work make this piece stunning. I could see this used to protected a scarf that is wrapped around your neck. The starting bid is $223.

You’re looking at a half carat in this pear-shaped diamond, fashion jewelrywith a pearl attached to the end. This one is in platinum and 18k gold as well. I could picture this one being poked into a sleek updo. Starting bid is $493.

This bird is encrusted in diamonds which are rose cut and sees with ruby eyes. With this stickpin, I would turn into a pendant at a local jewelry store. You could potentially take out the adhere part and use that gold to offer as scrap. Then, a jeweler could easily make the bird into a pendant. The starting bid is $385.

You may have thought stickpins don’t have much use-but hopefully my ideas will inspire you!