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Earrings can possibly make or crack an outfit. You can find traits that come and go, but there are a few classics that should often stay. Regardless of what day, period of time, or year, diamond studs will usually continue being timeless and fashionable. You could potentially locate an aged black & white photograph from the 40s, or a picture just uploaded onto Facebook, where girls are wearing diamond studs.

Diamond studs can appear in many different shapes and sizes, and each element affects the price tag. Think of purchasing them as an investment. Some jewelry stores offer a “trade-up” policy where you can continually upgrade your diamond studs and only need to pay the difference in price. That is a great idea. If I were to finally hoard some money and go for the buy, I would purchase something similar to above. They are a nice, clean emerald-cut pair.

Another vital to any girls’ earring assortment would be a good pair of gold hoops. The size is up to you. These ones are neat because they are wider than most when looking straight-on. The gold design is another positive-and so is the price! Only $285 from Ross-Simons.

A pair cheap engagement ringsof dangle earrings is another essential. My choice is by designer Jamie Joseph featured on Eliza Page. The navy blue of the lapis will match with just about anything from jeans to an evening dress. These are done in 14k white gold and are priced at $220. Please allow 4-6 weeks for ordering…so these are not a good idea for fashion jewellery onlinethat wedding next weekend!

The last earring critical is classic, affordable and absolutely necessary: pearl studs (and I don’t have any [sad face]) I like the bigger pearls…around 9-10mm. They can dress up anything-even jeans and a t-shirt. These are from Ben Bridge Jewelers in sunny San Diego, California. Price: $139.