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Dior Joaillerie is my present reading through guide on these cold mid-winter evenings. Victoire de Castellane’s passion and style aesthetic genuinely warms me up. She is easy in developing breath-taking pieces of artwork. The lacquered flowers, ribbon motifs, and huge skulls which make up her repertoire are all incredibly inspiring. A favourite line of mine, thus far, fine jewelryeven though reading through happens when speaking about Victoire’s favourite gemstones: she’s “particularly fascinated with wonderful opal stones as well as their chameleon-like ability to harness each of the shades on mens rings fashionthe rainbow, as though by magic.”

I’m about 1/3 into the guide and enjoy the two the creating along with the attractive shots. I tried capturing my most loved webpages higher than, in addition to my current obsession within just my own collection, antique infant rings worn stacked on each finger and every element of the finger. I recommend this e book to any jewelry collector searching for a different to include to their own library!

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