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Silver jewelry is really the gospel of the student party + slum girls

 I love this set so much, haha. Recently I will always see things from the LV series in short videos.

 But I can’t afford it, and I don’t want to buy imitation models at a high price, and I don’t want to buy titanium steel models at a low price.https://www.cheapfinejewelry.com

 The self-made models from the studio I have been following haha ​​are not imitation models. You can try it if you don’t want to pursue the brand’s Jimei.

 About material

 My favorite S925 silver is not expensive and it is made of real material. Don’t worry about fading and allergies, you can only throw it away. If you are tired this season, you can continue to wear it next year~

 about the price

 It’s the price of ordinary necklaces. I bought the whole set.

 The total number of necklaces and ear studs is less than 100!

 I bought two sets and gave me a discount! ! The other set is for my girlfriend~

 Favorites of this season~Elegant, temperament, fashion, classic, advanced, all compliments are given to her! ! I bought it for two hundred yuan and I can wear it for a long time, happy