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Some silver jewelry that I often wear recently, some newly bought and some old ones that have been worn for a long time, are all in the style of A and Xian, share it https://www.cheapfinejewelry.com

 At first glance, the fringed choker looked like a miniature sculpture on the neck

 The closed streamline ring and the broken tassel, the asymmetrical design is so beautiful!

The ear bone ring has a kind of alienated temperament, it is stuck firmly and will not fall off

 .The clavicle chain of the wishing pool is very transparent and small, suitable for summer

 I bought white for all-matchers, but it actually feels that the color version will be more conspicuous

 .I like the wheat element, and I think there is a kind of full vitality

 I also like to bring wheat ears when I see accessories

 So I received this set without thinking about it, it looks good!

 .These diamond lights in his house are too flashy! The naked eye is much better than the picture