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Silver jewelry has a mysterious tension, if you want to perfect it, one is to find their own style, another is to follow the fashion trend. No matter how collocation, foil a personal style and temperament are prerequisite absolutely, see below introduction, enjoy silver town silver to act the role of what bring us play the part of beautiful fun well.


  1. A simple and slender sterling silver necklace is a good match for business attire.
  2. Casual wear is best matched with a unique and dramatic sterling silver ring.
  3. A cute look is perfect with a silver bracelet with small bells.
  4. Silver town ornaments with colored artificial stones are suitable for young girls.
  5. Personality color strong silver ornaments, should not be matched with professional clothes, so as not to give people a professional, capable feeling.
  6. Silver ornaments should not be mixed with gold jewelry, but the silver with different styles can be worn together, showing rich texture.
  7. Attend luxurious occasion or when wearing luxuriant clothes, should choose to have precious jewelry, diamond silver ornaments.
  8. After the silver becomes old and black, it does not have to be cleaned to continue to wear, and the taste of nostalgia is also very good.
  9. Silver jewelry is a fashionable thing, we should pay attention to often change the style of wearing.
  10. The popular collocation method that shows this year, it is the silver of two kinds of above is acted the role of each other to do collocation, build the feeling that gives extraordinary.