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Silver bracelets look beautiful on women and are good for the body. Pure silver has an interesting characteristic, the anti-oxidation of silver ornaments and the persistence of luster are related to the personal constitution, and people with good constitution will wear more and more bright.

And if the body is weak and more toxins in the body, sterling silver jewelry may quickly blacken, just like ancient people with a silver needle to test whether the wine is toxic, if toxic, the silver needle will immediately turn black. Often wear sterling silver so adorn article, can conduce inside body toxin eduction.

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Silver contains silver ions, silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect, is very good for the human body. In addition, the heat conductivity of silver is the most outstanding among all metals, which can rapidly disperse the heat of blood vessels. This distinct heat conduction property rapidly reduces the heat of blood vessels, and has excellent curative effect in preventing various diseases.

Silver also has the ability to absorb toxicity, which is one of the reasons for its discoloration, so it has excellent disinfecting properties. This discoloration is a surface reaction that can be eliminated with toothpaste or drugs.

Silver has a very good health function, often wear silver ornaments can not only neutralize toxic substances in the body, but also speed up wound healing, prevention and treatment of infection.

And has the function of purifying water quality and anticorrosive preservation. Mongolian herders like to use silver containers for fresh milk. Modern science has proved that fresh milk in silver ware has scientific basis, because: A. The extremely small amount of silver ions dissolved in the milk can kill the bacteria in the milk and prevent the milk from deterioration; B. Put milk in silver ware, which can supplement the essential silver element of human body.

  1. Silver conducts heat easily, and milk cools quickly; D. Silver is chemically stable and durable.

The ancients said: wearing silver, health and wealth will accompany, calm the five zang, calm the mind, stop palpitations, in addition to evil spirits. In medicine, it is much better than other precious metals for human health.

Here are some fashion suggestions for you:

  1. Professional wear is suitable for matching simple and slim sterling silver necklaces.
  2. Casual wear can be paired with a sterling silver ring with a unique design and exaggerated shape.
  3. A silver bracelet with tiny bells is perfect for a cute look.
  4. Silver ornaments inlaid with colored artificial gems are suitable for young girls.
  5. Tibetan silver personality color is strong, should not match professional clothes, so as not to give a person not professional, capable feeling.
  6. Although silver ornaments should not be mixed with gold jewelry, silver ornaments of different styles can be worn together to present a rich texture.
  7. Attending luxurious occasions or wearing luxuriant clothes, in addition to the choice with precious jewelry, diamonds, do not have a style of fashion silver ornaments will also be the most appropriate choice.
  8. When silver jewelry gets old and black, it doesn’t have to be cleaned to continue wearing it, and the taste of nostalgia is also great.
  9. Silver jewelry is a fashionable thing, pay attention to often change the style of wearing.
  10. The popular collocation method that presents this year, it is the silver that acts the role of two kinds of above to do collocation each other, build the feeling that gives extraordinary.