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Many people love pearls and know that pearls are good for the human body, but they can’t tell where they are really good. Next, we will ceremoniously introduce the medicinal value of pearls, hoping that these small but precious pearls can benefit more people.

The transition metal elements contained in pearls, such as manganese, iron, cobalt, copper, molybdenum, etc., have insufficient electronic layers in their atomic structure, which can form metal ions in different states. These ions can act as the activation center or excitement of enzymes. In addition to the activity of enzymes, it is also widely involved in redox reactions in the human body. As an indispensable component of electron transfer (such as iron redox protein, cytochrome, etc.) and oxygen carriers (such as hemoglobin, myoglobin), metal ions are more importantly function as enzyme activators and constitute metal enzymes. This shows the effect of pearl (powder) on the human body.

A variety of amino acids contained in pearls can also show their own abilities in participating in the metabolism of the human body. Threonine is a deficient chelating agent for iron deficiency anemia; histidine can cure stomach, duodenal ulcer, anemia, and arthritis; aspartic acid can cure hepatitis, hepatic disorder, and cirrhosis; proline It can speed up wound healing and cure chronic hepatitis; Leucine promotes growth and promotes secretion of renal fluid; glycine can inhibit gastric acid secretion and treat muscle weakness. In short, a variety of amino acids are necessary to maintain the balance of human nitrogen. Therefore, regular clothing can enhance the metabolism of the new formation, promote the regeneration of surface cells, make the skin soft, white, delicate, moisturized, and smooth, reduce wrinkles, prevent aging, and rejuvenate. As for the mechanism by which wearing pearl jewelry can cure certain diseases, it remains to be studied in depth. Judging from the reported examples, since pearls cling to human necks, its active ingredients can enter the human body through friction, pearls have a certain absorption capacity for body fluid secretion, and the skin also absorbs the drug components contained in pearls, and even affects local affected areas. , Plays a role in anti-inflammatory treatment; As for the treatment of neurasthenia, pearls have a calming and calming effect, but how pearl necklaces can soothe the nerves is worthy of specific research. Wearing a pearl chain can cure diseases. This is not a myth. Of course, wearing a bead chain cannot cure all diseases, and its effect varies from person to person.

Taking pearl powder scientifically has the effect of significantly reducing serum lipid peroxides. The combination of lipids and proteins can produce lipofuscin (age spots). This is the secret of Empress Dowager Cixi’s use of pearls to improve her appearance. In clinical medicine, pearl powder (sea water beads) has been used to successfully treat multiple cases of children with persistent high fever and calm convulsions. This is also the medical effect of pearl powder to relieve convulsions, clear away heat and detoxify.