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ilver jewellery may not be unfamiliar to everyone. For new friends, seeing the S925, S990, and S999 engraved on the back of the silver jewellery will cause confusion. https://www.cheapfinejewelry.com  What do these alphanumerics mean? In this article, we will introduce the different materials of silver jewelry in detail. ● 925 silver is a magical horse? 925 sterling silver is the international standard silver for making silver jewelry in the world. Since Tiffany launched the first set of silver jewelry with 92.5% silver in 1851, 925 sterling silver has become popular. At present, all silver jewelry on the market uses 925 as an identification. The standard of sterling silver. 925 silver is different from 990 and thousand-foot silver because the purity of 990 and thousand-foot silver is relatively high, so it is very soft and difficult to make complex and diverse styles. 925 silver only contains 92.5% of silver, the rest is alloy, while 925 sterling silver has increased The hardness, gloss and brightness of silver jewelry make it difficult to deform and more beautiful. Therefore, 925 silver sells craftsmanship, not weight. 925 silver jewelry has a beautiful platinum luster after polishing and platinum plating, and has a certain degree of hardness. It can be inlaid with gemstones and made into medium and high-end jewelry. The silver jewelry made with 925 silver design has the boldness of walking in the forefront of fashion. , Exaggerated styles, as well as exquisite and graceful styles that follow traditional aesthetics. Almost everyone can find their favorite jewelry in the world of 925 silver. 925 silver is generally marked as S925. S is the first letter of the English word silver (silver), which stands for silver. ●What are 990 and 999 silver?

 Those with a silver content of not less than 990 are called pure silver, so 990 is called pure silver, 999 is called thousand pure silver, and 999.9 is called ten thousand pure silver! Pure silver Thousand-foot silver and ten thousand-foot silver are not very suitable for jewelry making because they have high silver content and are too soft. At present, in addition to ethnic style silver jewelry that still continues the tradition of making pure silver, most of the silver jewelry is made of internationally recognized 925 sterling silver.

 There are usually several signs of pure silver jewelry, one is S99, the other is S990, one thousand pure silver is marked as S999, and ten thousand pure silver is marked as S9999.