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Who is the most jeweled woman in the world? Perhaps in front of your eyes will quickly flash out a lot of star beauty figure, but although the stars wear jewelry is beautiful, but more just for performance, not suitable for life to wear, if can be in the life of jewelry deduction like stars shining that must be them.



Kate, Duchess of Cambridge


The Duchess of Cambridge is known for wearing a sapphire engagement ring and a sapphire earring, which prince William gave her as a gift. The duchess of Cambridge’s jewels are sure to be the focus of attention wherever she goes.

Princess Mary, Princess Of Denmark

Princess Mary is known as the most beautiful woman in Denmark. She usually wears pearl/diamond earrings with small shapes and light colors. Princess Mary’s jewels are feminine and intellectual.


Charlene Wittstock, princess of Monaco


Charlene Wittstock, with her beautiful features and tall figure, didn’t look too dramatic with her long pendant earrings or her gorgeous’ sea ‘themed custom diamond & sapphire necklace, but added to her look.


Princess Sheikha Mozah of Qatar


Sheikha Mozah, the Princess of Qatar, is beloved by newspapers for her powerful aura and dignified and mature temperament. The tasteful princess likes to wear eye-catching pendant earrings and jewelled rings, and has an eye for matching jewellery with colours.

Letizia Ortiz, Princess to the Crown of Spain

Letizia Ortiz, Princess to the Crown of Spain, has a more versatile look that conveys her charm whether it’s sophisticated or natural. Different styles of jewelry and different styles of clothing, hair, makeup collocation, it is worth our reference.

If you want to learn how to wear jewelry, then these are the women who are recognized to be the best at wearing jewelry.